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Company Profile


Founded in 2012 as a manufacturer of LCD module (LCM) and LCD module (esen) in Shenzhen, it is a high-tech company specializing in LCD products. The company has strong R & D technical capacity, in which technicians account for more than 20% of the total employees. The leading products of the enterprise are 3D products, full view VA products, TN, HTN, STN, FSTN LCD and cob, COG, tab and COF LCD modules. Medium and high-quality LCD such as internal printing, external printing, multi-color overprint and pin products are in the lead in China. The products are widely used in all kinds of household appliances, vehicle mounted instruments, communication instruments, instruments, measuring instruments Entertainment appliances, office equipment, 3D entertainment products and other high-tech products

Especially in the aspect of fast response LCD, the company has a strong product R & D team and has the R & D ability of independent intellectual property rights of core technologies in China. At present, it is mainly used in 3D products, visible light automatic control products and other light valve automatic products. Yicheng optoelectronics adheres to independent research and development and takes the road of scientific and technological innovation. It has always adhered to the principle of high quality, high service and high value to provide users with safe and stable liquid crystal products and various high-end display devices. It is a factory in China that really owns active shutter technology, passive single machine single optical path polarization technology and passive single machine double optical path polarization technology. At present, it has close cooperation with well-known brands at home and abroad, such as Samsung, Skyworth and Hisense

Yicheng Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service. In the future, based on the business philosophy of "innovation, win-win and excellence", Yicheng optoelectronics will rely on the company's strong R & D team, effective production management, intimate service system and scientific market strategy. We will try our best to provide users with all kinds of products with simplicity, fashion, quality and excellence. And with the persistent spirit of innovation, constantly break through ourselves and make unremitting efforts to establish a close enterprise

Our Style


Yicheng optoelectronic shelf stage, inspirational entrepreneurship, you come to

Employee guidelines: love and dedication, loyalty and harmony; Abide by rules and discipline and work together

Enterprise spirit: pioneering and surpassing, paying attention to practical results; Gratitude, dedication and pursuit of new heights

Development strategy: recruit talents and forge ahead in unity; Keep pace with the times and create brilliance

Passion incubates dreams and hard work makes great achievements

Don't make excuses for failure, just find methods for success

Elaborate, fine, Seiko, boutique

Not afraid to do wrong, just afraid not to do anything. To do without understanding is to do nothing

Realize the high-quality strategy and fight a hard battle of quality

Hand in hand, create a sunshine life together. Heart to heart, build a beautiful future

Cohesion, work hard, love and dedication, and create brilliance

Gather scientific and technological talents, innovate scientific research achievements and realize scientific development

create business meaning with integrity and unite harmony with truth

Yicheng pursues value and is committed to win-win cooperation

Take the market as the guidance and carefully create the market

With technology as the core, build a billion brand

Based on benefit, strengthen basic management


Shenzhen Esen Opto-Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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