How can the ACF used for LCD LCD screen rework be removed without damage?

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I believe that everyone should know the LCD screen better, so some small problems will inevitably appear during the use process. When the LCD screen is sent to the repair shop for repair, we don’t understand that the main problem of the LCD screen is Which, and where should I start the repair, so I decided to share with you how the ACF used for LCD LCD screen repair can be removed intact?
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Usually an ACF remover is used. It is a white transparent liquid that can effectively remove ACF on LCM or TP products and ACF burnt due to high temperature. This ACF remover is effective for the LCD Driver IC on the LCD Panel. The ACF below has a good removal effect. This product has the characteristics of small odor, non-volatile and easy to use. Therefore, the product has a higher consistency and it is easier to remove small areas of ACF.




Concentration: Use of the original solution


Operating temperature: room temperature


1. To remove the FPC, apply an appropriate amount of remover with a cotton swab.


2. The removal time is different according to the degree of hardening of the ACF, and it needs to be placed for about 5-10 minutes after coating.


3. Use a bamboo stick to gently remove the ACF, and use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to remove the remaining foreign matter on the surface.


Four, matters needing attention:


a. Wear basic protection tools such as latex gloves when in use.


b. After use, store it in a dark and sealed place.


c. Although it does not contain toxic substances, it is not easy to pour directly into the drainage.


Use high temperature heating method to remove LCD Driver IC. It should be heated at high temperature to cause scorching of the ACF. However, it is difficult to remove the cured ACF remaining on the LCD.


Coat the burnt and solidified ACF evenly with the ACF removal liquid, because it has a higher viscosity, it is convenient to apply the required position. After leaving it for 5 minutes, use a bamboo stick to gently remove the ACF, and use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to remove the remaining foreign matter on the surface. Clean the surface with alcohol after wiping with a dust-free cloth.


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